Exploring Health & Wellbeing: Reading Plans and Resources (Level 3&4)

Are you looking for comprehensive ready-to-use guided reading plans and independent learning contracts to support understandings about Health and Wellbeing? Are you looking to strengthen the link between reading and writing through high quality response activities? Are you looking to develop independence in your learners? Are you looking to broaden the range of materials in your reading programme? You’ve come to the right place.

Our packs all come with a comprehensive guided reading plan focusing on comprehension, inference, text organisation and structure along with in-depth analysis of the author’s use of language.

Our Independent Learning Contract response activities are developed to strengthen key language skills as well as foster independence through the use of engaging ‘Explainer Videos’. These powerful learning guides ensure your students know how to complete the activities in the Learning Contract, bringing greater independence and leaving you free to work with your guided groups. No more ‘How do I do this?’ or ‘I can’t do this!’

We’ve even recorded the story to support the varied needs in your classroom!


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