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The primary school child’s age ranges between five to thirteen years. Experts said that in this age kids’ learn several different things and habits.  All the habits that kids learn in their school time play a significant role in their future success and failure. In simple words you can say, if you want to make your kids future bright then primary school time is the best to develop smart features in them like emotional intelligence.  


School teachers can develop emotional intelligence feature in kids by teaching them the way to react according to situation. But this can be done when child’s emotional development andphysical development grows up equally.


Physical Development:

Teachers in primary school know that physical development is also necessary to pull the emotional quotient. So, they prefer activities like running, dancing, swimming and some of the common exercises to perform with the schoolmates. As, it create an atmosphere to understand the emotional feelings while playing with the friends.


Emotional development:

Understanding the emotions and feeling of elders is easy but tough of children. You may sometimes get confused that what your child actually want? And what is his feeling? Some kids got so angry on little things and start crying. Some other kids start quarrelling with their bathmats or classmates without of any major issue. But parents, primary schools and their teachers can remove all these bad habits from kids and can give a right way to the emotional development of kids. They can help child to make his feeling and emotions strong in all situations of life.


In school the child can learn following skills of emotional development:  

·      He learns how to adjust his feeling and behavior in the school environment. Means he learns how to treat his teachers and peers even when his mood is so sad or angry.

·      In the school environment, he learns how to manage rules of school and how to follow them. The punishment and reward system of school will give him an idea of school’s strict rules.   

·      Here he will learn how to cope with tension and how to face little problems of life.

·      He also comes to know the fact of competition and compromise in school environment.

·      School teachers will serve child as good role models and some time harsh, rude teacher to give them the idea of maladjustment.

·      The parents also assign authority to the teachers for these developments.  

·      Here child will learn how to interact others on interpersonal level.

·      Here kids will learn how to act upon a situation and how to find best solution for a problem.


Therefore, emotional intelligence in a child must be a primary school built in property. As it will be the upcoming essential tool for him to be a successful life personality.


Stay tuned for ideas of how you can build a strong Emotional Intelligence in your kids.